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"I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never been to an assisted living facility, but I can say without a doubt that I LOVE being here at Magnolia Park! The staff truly treats me as family and when my own family comes to visit, they even remember their names!

Jennifer M.

"I'm so happy here! I've been able to maintain my independence and build some great friendships with residents and nursing staff."

Helen S.

Magnolia Park was a very nice place. The staff was doing very well. The apartments were fine. The dining area looked very nice. They had somebody who did the residents' hair and someone to do pedicures. They had a van that they could transport people in.


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Welcome to the Magnolia Park Website

Magnolia Park is one of kind when it comes to assisted Living. we believe care comes first and business is second to our residents needs. Our care givers are the best at attending to the needs of the residents. If you need proof take our YouTube or contact us to set up a tour of our facilities. Magnolia Park believes that your love ones need the best care and we are here to give you that care.

Our Philosophy

is to preserve and support self-esteem and independent individual identity. We enable our residents to enlarge their social circle and expand their opportunities for sharing and giving to others.


Our Story

The goal of Magnolia Park Assisted Living continuum of care is to permit an individual to live in the least restrictive environment with the greatest amount of privacy for as long as possible. Loss of partial independence need not lead to permanent loss of self-esteem or loss of power to exercise competent choices and decisions in one’s own life.

Magnolia Park Assisted Living philosophy is to preserve and support self-esteem and  independent individual identity and enable its residents to enlarge their social circle and expand their opportunities for sharing and giving to others. Magnolia Park Assisted livingprovides an environment which serves to bring the residents together, re-empowering them to the fullest feasible extent by helping to remove any sense of failure and decline through compassionate help.

Our greatest challenge lies in achieving the right balance of services so that independence is encouraged without jeopardy to safety and and well-being. Our aim is to provide the security and and comfort of well-being for all residents, by means of an appropriate blend of personal care, health care, spiritual enrichment and proactive lifestyles.

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At Magnolia Park

At Magnolia Park

Nestled in the beautiful historic town of Visalia CA. we provide a home like an environment where your loved one can enjoy a rich environment with friends and family. Providing the resident with as much independence as physically possible in a secure safe environment.

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