For the last 18 and a half years, Magnolia Park has helped seniors live out their lives in safety, with much care and love. We allow seniors to live in the least restrictive environment with the greatest amount of privacy and independence for as long as possible. Our philosophy is to preserve, promote and support self-esteem and independent individual identity as they embark on their assisted living journey.

At Magnolia, the word assisted is taken for its value. We assist all our residents with all of their care needs, however, complex those needs may be. We encourage the bonding and forming of new relationships with other residents. Thus, we enable our residents to enlarge their social circle and expand their opportunities for sharing and giving to others.

Magnolia Park Assisted Living provides an environment which serves to bring the residents together, re-empowering them to the fullest feasible extent by helping to remain as independent as possible as we remove any sense of failure and decline through compassionate approach by optimizing their physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social resources.

When the time comes and aggressive life medical care is no longer sought by our residents and their family; we support their life decisions and continue to care for them just as before.

Our aim is to provide the security, comfort skillful and knowledgeable nursing and non-nursing care for all residents, by means of an appropriate blend of personal care, healthcare, spiritual enrichment, and active lifestyles.