I found that Esperanza and her staff provided a quality of care that was unbelievable!

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My dad became a resident of Magnolia Park in December of2014 and continued in his life journey there until September 2016 when he passed into eternity and the presence of His Savior. During his stay, I found that Esperanza and her staff provided a quality of care that was unbelievable. Esperanza’s knowledge of dementia, her expertise as a nurse and her many years of experience made the quality of care exceptional. The facilities were always beautiful inside and out and they were always neat and clean. On many occasions, when I was not able to take dad to his doctor appointments, a staff member or many times Esperanza herself would get him to the appointment, staying with him and then bringing him back to Magnolia Park. When dad would become especially upset Esperanza in her unique way would calm him and get he settled and at ease. Sometimes she would take dad for a drive and they would stop and get an ice cream cone. That was ingenious.
But even more important was the genuine “caring” I saw demonstrated regularly toward the residents. Esperanza’s passion for her “mamas and papas” is evident in so many ways. Dad had always had a garden to tend and in the first few weeks of his stay at Magnolia he had his own garden plot with tomatoes, squash, com, and peppers. Dad was happy. He got up in the morning and was enjoying doing things he had done his whole life. Esperanza understood my dad’s needs and was diligent in customizing his care to make his life meaningful. A few months after dad came to Magnolia I found dad with a hammer in hand working alongside one of the staff building a raised strawberry bed. His life at Magnolia was better and more fulfilling that before he came there. As long as dad was able and wanted to he had something to do. It was wonderful.
As dad’s dementia worsened he required more and more care and finally hospice was recommended. Hospice and Magnolia worked hand in glove to provide the added care my dad needed. I witnessed the “caring” attitude of the staff on so many occasions and especially so, as my dad’s condition deteriorated. I often heard staff say, “Gpa, I love you”. Some would even give him a gentle kiss on the forehead as they provided the personal care he required. It was obvious that Esperanza and the staff at Magnolia loved my dad. Though they were professional in every way they showed a compassionate caring that gave me real peace of mind that dad was getting the care he really needed. I am glad that we chose to eat Magnolia Park.

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