Dear Esperanza and Arnold,

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I wanted to take some time out to let you know how much we appreciate all that you and your amazing staff do to care for my mother at your facility.
We were truly blessed to find you! When my mom was preparing to leave rehabilitation at Westgate Gardens, we had no idea that your facility existed and were at a total loss about where to take her that would accept her in her condition. Thanks to picking up a brochure, we called ahead and were fortunate to be able to connect with you and tour the facility. We were overjoyed to find such a beautiful facility with licensing appropriate to my mom and her required level of care.
I have been very pleased with your staff and the kindness they show my mother each and every day. They take care of her needs with compassion and concern and show her respect in everything they do. Her self-esteem is maintained through excellent hygiene and grooming, even though she is unable to do these things for herself. When your staff prepares her for an appointment, her hair and makeup are done, she is nicely dressed and made comfortable for the trip. At the office, they are helpful and attentive, listening to the doctor’s instructions for care and following through when they return to the facility. My highest praise goes out to Maria and Lupe, who always go above and beyond, doing everything they can to make my mom comfortable.
The amenities at the facility are also impressive. The meals are well prepared, healthy and delicious. My mom loves that there is always a tasty.dessert with every meal and that Carlos sometimes surprises her with a special individual pizza for dinner! The events are nicely done and a wonderful opportunity for the families to get to know one another, as well as visit with their loved ones in a more social setting.
I tend to be a strong advocate for my mom, and hence constantly communicating with (read
“annoying”) the staff, who are always patient and cooperative. Debbie in particular, is amazing! She is my “go to” girl not just because she is a kind and compassionate person, but because she is “on her game”. I can always count on her to get to the root of any issue, put things in motion, and follow up with me promptly. I could call out so many others for their excellence, but won’t, for fear of leaving someone out. Just know, that you have some key staff that take their jobs to a level of excellence seldom seen.
Finally, I want to thank you two for being very “hands on” when it comes to addressing the health and well-being of your residents. It is comforting to know that you think of each and every one of them as family, and advocate and participate in anything necessary to keep them healthy and content. I don’t feel alone in monitoring my mom’s health. I know that you are always there looking after her, as well.
Thank you once again from myself and my mother,
Cynthia Carreiro

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